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Why are you going to the FPGAworld conference? The major reason is that it’s good for you:

  • to get what’s current in FPGA engineering industrial&academic research and products
  • to build relationships with FPGA experts in the field
  • to tell people what you’re doing or selling
  • Registration for attendees is free and includes coffee and lunch.
  • it is one intensive day!

Choose how you learn. Here are some of the types you can choose from:

  • Keynote speeches and other presentations: keynote speeches and other presentations by recognized experts
  • Sessions: concurrent sessions where experienced professionals present on a current topic
  • Discussions: informal group discussions in the exhibition hall
  • Exhibit hall: the place to watch demos, products etc

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I agree when I register for:

  • FPGAworld’s own marketing purposes.
  • FPGAworld does not sell collected data, but may share the data with our paying exhibitors or sponsors.
  • FPGAworld deleate all data entered from this page that is older than 3 years

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